The Philippines is a beautiful country with thousands of islands and beaches, but it’s not going to last long. Our beaches are deteriorating because of trashes on the shore and within the ocean. Man has stopped caring for the environment and has forgotten that plastic does not fade — however, The Plastic Solution is a group of surfers that are trying to change this.
Along Sitio Liwliwa in Zambales, stands The Circle Hostel founded by Ziggie Gonzales and Raf Dionisio. Their space is surrounded by a wall made of plastic bottles. In an open area beside them are mountains more of plastic bottles filled with plastic waiting to be made into functioning walls.
These are ecobricks, the product of the project started by The Plastic Solution founded by the same people from The Circle Hostel.

Plastic bottles lined up within the Circle Hostel, ready for cementing

“The Plastic Solution is an enviornmental program that was launched by the Circle Hostel,” said Fiona Faulkner, environmental and community development officer. But more than creating ecobricks, they are an advocacy.
“It doesn’t matter how many coastal cleanups you do, at the end of the day, you’re addressing the effect rather than the cause,” explained Fiona.
“So in order to address the cause, which is the release of a lot of plastic output, we decided to educate people on the problems of plastic pollution and try and come up with solutions to reduce your plastic output and plastic dependency, and manage non-biodegradables in your life.”
Visitors may create their own ecobricks inside the Circle Hostel

According to the team at Plastic Solution, for the entire nation to commit to a zero-waste lifestyle is the goal for environmental advocates like themselves, but for that to become a reality, people need to be educated and local government unites must be stricter with their implementation of already present laws.

“I think that there needs to be a more holistic approach to combatting waste or help the enviornment with preservation and conservation of our resources. The Philippines overall has really good laws, the problem with us is, we have poor implementation,” said Fiona.
For more information on The Plastic Solution and to know their drop-off points for ecobricks, visit their website
More than submitting ecobricks, the Plastic Solution is advocating for you to start this in your community

You can learn more about how you can create your own projects by heading to their Facebook page

What can you do?

  • Create your own ecobricks and submit it to their drop sites listed on their Facebook
  • Commit to a zero-waste lifestyle and reduce the world’s plastic dependency

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