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This platform welcomes an opportunity for your brand to be seen and noticed within our stories and around the site. We also welcome the posting and writing of branded content that can be connected to the stories we publish.

Not only will your brand find an audience of different varieties, but you will be part of a community that champions passion, innovation, and social good.

Story Pitch

There are probably people or groups that you would like us to write about, or you have a story of your own which you want an audience to know about. Send us an email to tell us all about it and the editorial team will read through it, research, and consider its possibility on entering the platform.

Remember, we believe that everyone has a story. So let us know yours or anyone you know.

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We are always open to new writers or photographers to become part of the OffCrowd team. Send us your CV and some sample works for the Editorial team to review and we’ll get back to you ASAP! Use the subject <LASTNAME>_<position (writer/photographer/etc.)>

For the time being, our contributors are providing for us voluntarily until OffCrowd will be capable enough to provide proper compensation.

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