Who knew?
I did a talk 2 years ago at CEU about igniting passion, moving forward with your ideas and challenging the status quo.
I gave talks in schools for the past 3 years and I always felt the need to inspire the next generation to spark something in their hearts, in their minds, most importantly in their soul. Who knew the day would come when students would inspire me too
Every talk I gave during that time made my heart pump with adrenaline and I always felt emptied afterwards, because I always give it my all. I thought back then, I can’t do this everyday, I would burn myself out. Who knew I’d be doing exactly that
I finished my talk back then and everyone seemed like they enjoyed it. The faculty during that time talked to me as we were eating lunch and told me that I would fit right in, teaching in CEU. I did consider a teaching career at the time and seeing how the students responded to what I was saying about purpose, I thought to myself, MAYBE. Who knew I’d be teaching here 2 years after...


Life can give you a lot of lessons, especially when it hits you hard and bring you down to your lowest. I’ve failed a lot in my life so far, I have failed a lot of people, I failed my subjects, I failed companies and businesses, I failed myself. And so far that’s where I’ve learned a lot of my lessons, that’s where I experienced growth. I use my past failures as lessons not only for myself but for my students as well.

If we allow the next generation to fear failure, then how can we grow? If we exchange pain every time they fail instead of helping them extract the knowledge and experience from it then what do we gain? Our society has been very brutal when it comes to failure, we don’t allow everyone else leeway when it comes to mistakes and we have found ourselves at a point where everyone is just afraid.


We need more people who would help our children face failure and to learn from them. To take risks and to enjoy learning. We need them to see that failing doesn’t mean that you should give up or that it’s GAME OVER. We need more people to see failure as a stepping stone to becoming better.


I teach computer science, the exciting kind. We talk about fundamentals of programming and apply it into web technologies, game development and mobile applications. I am inspired everyday by my students, I don’t burn myself out because I find purpose in it, I am teaching because I believe in the next generation. Who knew?