“I believe that imagination is very important for any student to be able to process what he/she learned in school.”

Last June 30, 2019, a new concept in college residential living was introduced in the heart of University Belt in Manila with the inauguration of 1318 College Residences.

Tinette Lucero, CEO of TPC Inc., which designed and constructed the building elaborates on the concept of the new facility, “1318 College Residences complements the school because it is a place that will enhance their imagination. I have purposely commissioned artwork to be placed in the corridors and the lobby mainly to that reason. I believe that imagination is very important for any student to be able to process what he/she learned in school.”

A focal image of the building is the iconic picture of Albert Einstein, the famous scientist-genius who epitomizes the human being who is driven by the power of imagination. He is quoted as saying: “Imagination is better than knowledge.”

On the walls of corridors and selected areas of the building are artworks of painter Albert Galvez and murals designed by interior designer Didi Foronda and Rowell Mari of Vision 3000. Ms. Lucero had a series of discussions with the said artists on what would best help stimulate and inspire the minds of young college students.

Among  the paintings of Albert Galvez is “A song for the Beast of the sea” which suggests that we can tame and dance with  even the biggest creation of God through our imagination. Another painting entitled “pull me up” that serves as a reminder about man’s ultimate purpose for people who go into depression as the world advances in technology.

The painting “Beyond Imagination” evokes the age of exploration when human beings looked at the sky and imagined what was beyond earth. Now, man is flying with what was once only a figment of his imagination.

These are just a few of the artworks to be seen inside the new 1318 College Residences, making it a “virtual art gallery” and setting it a world apart from the typical dormitories or boarding houses at the University Belt.

Last June 30, the first 300 residents have realized that more than just a home away from home, 1318 College Residences will also serve as a nurturing, stimulating place where art (and the power of imagination) daily comes alive.

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