It puts a premium on giving each resident the personal space she needs to focus. 

In the midst of the noise and the hustle-and-bustle of the university belt, there is now an oasis of peace, seclusion and privacy for the dedicated student pursuing a course in Medicine, Law, Engineering, and other courses that demand heavy mental lifting like reading, mathematics, chemistry, physics and other mind-challenging subjects.

It’s called 1318 College Residences, the newest college residence in the U-Belt neighborhood, officially opening its doors on June 30, 2019 to welcome its first batch of residents studying or teaching in nearby schools, San Beda College, Arellano University, Loreto, National University, to name a few.

Rising seven stories high, 1318 College Residences is a first class living facility that is designed for the serious student who wants space, a quiet and cozy environment, and a stimulating atmosphere that will enable you to thrive and excel in your studies.

For one, it puts a premium on giving each resident the personal space she needs to focus. Every detail has been anticipated to prevent any unwelcome intrusion.

The first class amenities and facilities will definitely get high marks on the student’s score sheet. It has anticipated everything a resident needs under one roof, without going out of the building. These include a business center, a lounge, a gym, a self-service laundromat, a convenience store, and quick food retail outlets.

But there is more. 1318 is proud to introduce  a new concept in students’ living quarters: artistic residential living.

Ms. Tinette C. Lucero, President and CEO of TPC Realty elaborates, “It perfectly complements the tons of factual knowledge that students of medicine, law, and engineering have to absorb because it is also designed to enhance the power of imagination.

“I have purposely commissioned artwork to be placed in the corridors and the lobby mainly to that reason. I believe that imagination is very important for any student to be able to process what he/she learned in school,” she continued.

At the building lobby, the centerpiece is the iconic picture of Albert Einstein, the brilliant scientist-genius who is quoted as saying: “Imagination is better than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

Also displayed on the walls of corridors and selected areas of the building are fascinating and thought-provoking artworks of painter Albert Galvez called Imagination Series to help stimulate and inspire the minds of young residents, making it a “virtual art gallery” so that day after day, the power of imagination comes alive.

A project of TPC Realty, 1318 College Residences is now accepting both male and female student-residents. Interested parties may drop by anytime during working hours or arrange a tour of the building by getting in touch with RentalBee.

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