Our Hidden Coffee Heritage

There’s always something new to look forward to when visiting 18 Days. A new featured blend, a new batch of beans to try, and new tidbits to learn about the craft from the baristas.

MAKE SMTHING Week 2018 Comes to Manila

During the Christmas season, Filipinos flood malls all over the country for their gift shopping and are excited to snag the best deals and discounts stores have to offer. However, it's exactly this type of heightened consumerism that has allowed landfills across the...

Liter of Light: It started with a bottle

Illac Diaz is the Executive Director of Liter of Light, a non-governmental organization that advocates for sustainable energy while providing their own lighting solutions to communities to combat energy poverty.

We Need To Talk About Sustainable Tourism

Through talks, workshops, and the interaction with likeminded individuals, it’s a national network and connection building event to find, ideate, and take action on what can be done to widen sustainable tourism.

In Photos: Upcycling Fashion

Upycling means to reuse the fabrics and materials to create something new. Photojournalist, George Buid, sought out people and organizations making waves in the industry through sustainable ways.