Global Connections for a 21st Century Education

The concept of literacy in the 21st century does not only imply reading. Today, literacy also entails areas such as technology, media, coding, and more, which is easily forgotten and neglected by education stakeholders, including in the U.S.

Answering the demand for the tech-savvy

The Philippines is a developing country experiencing a technology gap compared to most. At the same time, our country is known for its potential to raise some of the most innovative and creative individuals capable of building their names worldwide.

Hope, Empowerment, and Makeup

Although cosmetic and personal care products are created to make people feel beautiful, there’s an ugly side that comes with purchasing these items. With the growth of the beauty industry comes the increase of cosmetic waste.

Save the ugly, save the world

It is no secret that Singaporeans love to eat. A large portion of Singapore’s culture lies in its hawker centers, the noodles thrown around in an iron wok, chilli-doused dishes and the likes. But for a culture oozing with so much love for food, it sure does waste a lot of it.

Why I mentor young entrepreneurs

I can see their hunger to learn outside the classroom. To go beyond the theories. I go the extra mile with them to expose them and challenge them by allowing them to apply what they learned in the classroom by giving them opportunities outside.