You can now wishlist on Steam an interactive fiction game published by the Cultural Center of the Philippines set in the city of San Fernando.

San Fernando will use famous paintings from the first-recognized National Artist, Fernando Amorsolo, as a way to visually lead the player through the story. Players will be able to experience a story that helps them learn about Filipino culture and the culture of the province itself. 

The Steam page describes the following game features:

Take proper notes

Collate pieces of San Fernando culture and lifestyle through research notes. What do they eat? What music do they play? How do they express their love? Jot down all these details to eventually create a full report!

Be a part of the town

The best way to learn is through participation. Mingle and form relationships with the townsfolk to officially be one of the people!

An artist’s reality

Experience the life in town through the paintings of the Grand Old Man of Philippine Art: Fernando Amorsolo!

Fulfill your purpose

Is there more to learn? Have you finished your mission? Are you ready to leave the town? Decide how you immerse in San Fernando and take control of your journey of discovery!

San Fernando is developed by Makiling InterArts. There is no further information on the possible  release date, but this article will continue to update.

 Check out the Steam page here: