Indonesia-based Stairway Games has released an update on the development process for their latest game, Coral Island. 

 Early-access players can expect new updates this Summer of May 2023, including favorite features in a farm simulation game. Here is a quick summary of updates to expect according to Stairway Games’ Dev Blog:

  • New Ranch Animals
  • 4 New Weapon Types
  • Scent and Ring Mechanics
  • Fish Pond and Insect House
  • Sprinkler Attachments
  • Equipment Development
  • Auto petter, Auto collector, Auto feeder, and Temperature machine.
  • Online Shopping with a Sturdy Computer
  • Auto trash collector, Sturdy Music Player, and more
  • Errands

There are more updates to expect from Coral Island that’ll leave players excited to jump into the game. You can read more of their blog here:

 Coral Island is a farm simulation game that whisks you away to an island filled with unique characters that you can meet and interact with. Coral Island is currently available on Steam in Early Access.

 Check out their game here: