The Philippines is a developing country experiencing a technology gap compared to most. (READ MORE). At the same time, our country is known for its potential to raise some of the most innovative and creative individuals capable of building their names worldwide.
The task becomes apparent, especially for Bjorn Norstrom, a US-based Program Manager, who saw the budding possibilities of Filipino talent in provinces and the skills they can possess through knowledge in technology.
“The Philippines is becoming a tech hub for e-commerce and call centers, there is a great need for quality technology education so Filipinos can qualify for such career opportunities,” said Bjorn through an email interview.
Bjorn created Technology for Tomorrow, an organization to remotely teach Filipinos basic use such as Social Media Marketing, Microsoft office, and Digital Literacy. Partnered with Maricel Deitiker and Justinne Labatiao from Tacloban, Leyte, they aim to cater to the Filipinos in rural areas, who have no access to education for technology.
While Bjorn teaches through Google Classroom and Zoom, Maricel handles local logistics while Justinne provides the space and Internet access.


Despite studies showing that Filipinos spend the most time on social media that cite the average spent daily on the Internet is around 10 hours, the proper use and guidance, as well as the potential for careers is still lacking due to gap in education partnered with the demand.
Recently, new opportunities have opened in the market catering to a high demand on talents with knowledge in the use of technology.
Bjorn teaching remotely through the Internet is one of the signs of the convenience and opportunities technology has to gaining and spreading information.


Technology for Tomorrow is still on its first stages, with the students from Tacloban as their first. Using Social Media Marketing as their first case, Bjorn’s students not only crafted digital content plans but also focused on marketing for social good and sustainable campaigns.
He wants for technology to not only be used to advance career opportunities, but to be used for causes that promote social and environmental good.
While Filipinos reign social media, education on its capabilities as tools to create a difference can change the way Filipinos see social media and content management as a whole.
Soon, they hope to cater to more students from different cities across the Philippines. “We also hope to connect with schools to offer courses, meaning the school will select students. We hope to grow this offer courses throughout Philippines, including establishing Technology for Tomorrow in the Philippines,” said Bjorn.
Besides Social Media Marketing, their aim is to create classes for Game Design, Web Design, Internet Safety, Research Writing, and much more.
To know more on how to bring Technology for Tomorrow to your town, check out their Facebook page for contact information.
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