“One Day to Day One”

The startup industry is positively booming. However, as new technology grows and as new problems begin to arise, so is the demand for talented individuals with the passion for change-making.

SkyLabs, a co-working space close to the University of Santo Tomas, saw an opportunity that can focus solely on raising the new generation to become innovative problem-solvers.

“The usual incubators are located in the business districts and mostly catered to professionals,” explains Sky Teng, founder of SkyLabs. “Young people with ideas are intimidated or sometimes neglected during their ideation stage. We at SkyLabs plan to cultivate these young talents and work on their ideas from ideations to first customership to prepare them for the big leagues.”

Broadening the initial concept of a co-working space, Sky wanted his venue to be a platform for new ideas to arise. For strangers to come together to discuss and build.

With this, he started the Idea Incubation program that takes in students to go through a six-week training for them to go from “One Day to Day One,” just as the writings on the SkyLabs wall indicate.

“At the end of the six weeks, SkyLabs will be holding a pitching event for the trainees to present their idea to different stakeholders,” said Sky.

Skylabs has already taken in nine students who have already finished the initial ideation process and are ongoing continuous training to build on it completely. Sky aims for its students to be pushed through bigger incubator programs after their stay at Skylabs.

By the end of the program, students will be able to get a jumpstart on their career choices, and find options and opportunities they can’t get within classroom walls.

“Ideas come and go but timing and execution is priceless. That’s why we are here, with the support of SkyLabs’ mentors, partners and the team we will guide you to success. As Muhammad Yunus said, ‘Don’t be a jobseeker, be a job creator.’”

The SkyLabs advocacy

Sky was still studying at the University of Santo Tomas when he encountered a problem that all students face — there isn’t a good enough space for open discussion and peer study sessions.

By the time he graduated, coworking spaces around the university started popping up. The idea he once had was being begun by others. He still wanted to continue pursuing it, but with a focus on enhancing the experience and tackling education.

“I wanted to enhance it. I contacted my arhcitect cousin and did research on the coworking spaces around the area. By May 2018 we began construction, and opened on September 2018,” Sky recalled.

The idea of enhancing a coworking space was not just to simply turn it into another area for study sessions, but for different students to meet and actually “cowork.”

SkyLabs, as he points out, will be the area where students can begin, to get the experience outside the classroom through meeting a variety of individuals. “There isn’t a problem with our education,” Sky points out. “It’s just not enough.”

At SkyLabs, not only can one find a quiet space to study, but meet a selection of mentors that perform workshops and sessions from time-to-time. It’s also a possible event venue for small groups, and home to a new Idea Incubator.

For more information, visit SkyLabs Facebook page.

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