After the #MomoChallenge hoax resurfaced last month, a “new” viral trend is spreading across the web and it’s actually… not dangerous!

Instead of dancing beside a moving vehicle #KikiChallenge, walking around blindfolded #BirdBoxChallenge, consuming colorful laundry detergent #TidePodChallenge, and promoting self-harm, the #TrashTag challenge is compelling people across the globe to clean up nearby locations, and post before and after pictures on social media.

The challenge isn’t new though. It was first promoted in 2015 as the #TrashTag Project by Seattle-based company UCO Gear, with the goal of picking up 10,000 pieces of trash by October 2016. Since then, its popularity has dwindled.

It wasn’t until last week when the challenge had a resurgence after Arizona resident Byron Román posted it on Facebook, urging bored teens to collect trash from nearby areas that need some cleaning and maintenance.

As of this writing, Román’s Facebook post has now reached 331,000 shares and 99,000 likes, and even more people are riding on the trend, sharing their their cleanup efforts across different social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram.

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Today we visited trash polygon outside of Tashkent, which gathers 100-150t trash on daily basis! Plastic bags pollute surrounding landscape killing all greens and flowers. Of course we didn’t do much, but at least could see who we can kill the planet and leave nothing to future generation. It’s important to start from ourselves and our neighborhood. What did you do to save the #earth? Friends, help me spread the word for better future. #noplasticbags #trashtag #trashtagchallenge #uzbekistan . . 🌎 🌎 🌎 . . Сегодня мы побывали в мусорном полигоне за Ташкентом. Этот полигон не самый большой, но при этом собирает 100-150 тонн мусора ежедневно (!) Пластиковые пакеты засоряют всю приближенную территорию из-за ветров. Конечно мы не сделали много, но хотя б смогли увидеть как мы может быстро убить природу не оставив ничего для будущего поколения. Очень важно начать с себя и окружающих. Что вы сделали что бы спасти природу? Друзья, помогите распространить информацию, что б мы смогли оставить красивую и чистую природу после себя. Дорогие @hasharweek вы настоящие молодцы, что это все организовали!! #hasharweek

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This viral phenomenon has been helping raise awareness of plastic pollution and it’s inspiring people to be better stewards of the environment. But until we all agree to stop using single-use plastic, the #TrashTag challenge would just be another trend that fades out.

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