Worn out clothes that have been thrown out are not biodegradable. They are as much contributors to lasting waste in landfills as plastics. Upycling means to reuse the fabrics and materials to create something new. Photojournalist, George Buid, sought out people and organizations making waves in the industry through sustainable ways.
Taclob is a social enterprise founded by Justin Capen, Jourdan Sebastian, and  Kenneth Uy. They seek to give jobs to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda as well as provide school bags for child survivors, as well as other types of bags such as disaster preparedness kits and compassion bags through upcycling clothing.   GEORGE BUID
Inspired by the new collection of designer Irene Subang wherein she makes use of upcycled materials, the students of the Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship (ICE) are looking to do the same with the guidance of Subang. She teaches the challenges as well as pushing for their creativity. In the photos the group of students are graded by a panel of judges with their art inspiration from Ayala Museum and upcycle materials.                                            GEORGE BUID
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