The first day of the workshop on Design Thinking and Product Design, last March 23 at Skylabs, ended with not just an understanding of the subject but also a drive to become better solution-driven individuals.

Photos by Joshua Gantuangco

Jordan Deja, a professor from DLSU University and an active speaker and volunteer on various tech community events and conferences in the Philippines such as GDG PH, UXPH, began by clarifying the meaning of “designers.” To stray away from the idea that only those who could draw can apply Design Thinking, he directs “designers” as “problem-solvers.”
Participants of the workshop were diverse as well, from students to graduates; from professionals in the tech field to professionals in sciences and humanities. All of whom, expressed their interest in understand Design Thinking and its process.
With the guidance of Deja, the workshop progressed through creating ideas based on certain problems towards building a sample prototype of a product that will address it.
Deja emphasizes on the importance of empathy in whichever industry one belongs to. He mentions its core as the beginning of any UX/UI designer, as well as the core of basic human interaction.
The eight hour session passed by quickly with participants wanting more. The second day of the workshop will be held next month at Skylabs.
Organizer and founder of Skylabs, Jann Skyler Teng, initiated the workshop for budding entrepreneurs. “We want to make more entrepreneurs acknowledge a problem and learn how to form a solution,” he said. “The best way to do that is knowing the basics of design thinking.”
The Design Thinking and Product Design workshop was co-hosted by Skylabs and OffCrowd as partners for innovative thinking and solution-based ideas.
OffCrowd is a platform to report working solutions as well as discuss concepts and ideas to nourish solutions among all individuals.

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