Donations can be made through the GlobalGiving website or through GCash transfer and the organization’s Metrobank account.

Water and Life or Eau et Vie, a French-based NGO, is fundraising to establish more clean water for urban communities across different areas in the Philippines.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused multiple cities across the nation to be locked down to slow the spread of the virus. The quarantine periods affected jobs and the flow of income amongst families. In a report last April, more than seven million Filipinos lost their jobs with the unemployment rate hitting a record high.

Low-income communities in urban areas are the most impacted by the effects of the quarantine period and the pandemic. As more are going hungry, so are the limitations of having access to clean and safe water.

Water and Life began their response to the worsening water crisis as early as January, before the implementation of the quarantine. Their team in the Philippines have already taken preventive measures to be able to continuously support their communities in Cavite, Mandaue, Cebu, and Leyte.

Beneficiaries amounting to 5,651 members are given access to free clean water through Water and Life’s partnered resources. However, as the quarantine continues towards a General Community Quarantine (GCQ), their team is aiming to secure more funding for their members.

Through GlobalGiving, Water and Life is aiming to earn 50,000 USD. They are also accepting donations through Gcash.

“We decided to launch our GlobalGiving campaign to push for crowdfunding,” Dupond explained. “We’ve been in the Philippines for 10 years and we still want to try this as we decided to launch our Facebook and Instagram to really push it.”

The water crisis is an ongoing threat that started before the pandemic. Around 1 in 10 Filipinos have no access to water, according to the World Health Organization. The drought last summer of 2019 also caused limited water flow, with major water suppliers subjecting to shifts.

Donations can be made through the GlobalGiving website or through GCash transfer and the organization’s Metrobank account.

Metrobank: E&V Water and Life Philippines, Inc.

Account Number: 533-7-53300655-4

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